Saturday, October 25, 2008


I’m tiptoeing back into the online world. I make no promises about frequency of postings, updates, or any of that. I’m gonna have to relearn how to upload photos. Already had to fuss with gaining access to my postings from three years ago.

I’ve had lots of travels in the last three years. I just haven’t documented them here. No major cross-country trips but plenty of smaller journeys, both physical and metaphysical. I’ll try to make note of some of them here.

For instance, today I drove from Spokane to Wilbur, about 65 miles west along U.S. Highway 2, for the fall harvest and wine-release festival at Whitestone Winery. It was a gorgeous fall day — clear and sunny. I passed dun-colored fields of wheat stubble, a few patches of green winter wheat just beginning to sprout, and shallow rocky draws and coulees. Spending all that time (nearly three hours round trip) alone with my thoughts and feelings in the car was just what I needed after a week that’s seen lots of life and death (more on that later).

Once there, I tasted all four of their wines: cabernet franc, merlot and cabernet sauvignon (all 2005 vintage), and the newly released version of Pieces of Red, winemaker Michael Haig’s Bordeaux-style blend. Of the varietals, I think the merlot was my favorite — a surprise, cuz I’m not a huge merlot fan. The cab sauv was nice, too, but the blend is still the one I like the best. It’s an easy-going, tasty, everyday type of wine.

The other thing I learned is just how tangy and delicious straight-up merlot grape juice is. Michael had a container of some juice that he had crushed from just-picked grapes, so people could experience the wine’s starting point. It was a beautiful ruby-pink and rather sweet. I suggested cutting it with a little club soda for a refreshing cooler…




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