Thursday, October 06, 2005

Oh, A-Counting We Shall Go

October 6, 2005

A Few Statistics

As promised -- although a tad behind schedule -- here are some of the numerical measures of the trip. Clearly, the numbers are just one way to size up a journey of this kind, but they make an interesting coda to all the words. I may be missing a few minor items, but all of the major expenses are here. The food expense was lower than it could have been, thanks in large part to the generosity of friends and family who provided many, many meals and snacks and beloved cups of tea. Also, if we had been at home for the same period of time, we would have spent somewhere around $200-$300 in grocery costs, so that must be factored in. Before the trip, I guessed that we would spend $2,000 to $2,500; I can blame some of the difference on the sudden rise in gasoline prices, along with the corresponding increase in the comparative value of the Canadian dollar. Gasoline on the return trip cost about $80 more than the eastward journey. But, all things considered, we didn't do too badly in the budget department.

Total miles driven: 7,017.6
Total Costs: $2,794

Breakdown of miles driven:
Spokane to Derry, NH: 3,165.8
Around New England: 855.6
Derry, NH to Spokane: 2,996.2

Total cost of gasoline: $759 (US)
Cost per mile driven: 10.8 cents

Highest cost per gallon in the US: $3.299 on 9/7/05 in North Reading, Massachusetts.

Highest cost per litre in Canada: $1.259 on 9/17/05 in Nipigon, Ontario (between Sault Ste. Marie and Thunder Bay). Converts to approximately $4.00 per gallon US.

Best gasoline bargain: $2.579 for premium on 8/27/05 in Gillette, Wyoming.

Average fuel economy for the trip: 28.9 miles per gallon.
Highest fuel economy achieved: 33.1 MPG on August 28 while driving across Minnesota (all highway, no hills).

Cost Summary:

Lodging $1,104.89
Gasoline 758.99
Food 556.90
Gifts 237.90
Entertainment 64.00
Tolls 39.25
Other 32.05
TOTAL $2,793.98

Most expensive day: September 21 in Saskatchewan and Alberta ($191.87 US)

Most expensive lodging: Comfort Inn, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario on September 18 ($131.04 Canadian or about $110 US). But, it had in-room wireless Internet and the friendliest front desk staff we encountered.

Least expensive lodging: Econo Lodge in Maumee, Ohio ($51.69 US). No frills, but clean, basic accommodations.

Total amount spent at Tim Hortons coffee shops: $21.13 Canadian (about $17.75 US). I thought it would be more than that.

Finance charges accrued on Mom's MasterCard account: We don't want to know.


At 4:50 PM, Anonymous Jan said...

Given distance and time spent on the road, I'd say you did remarkably well financially. And how about that gun boat of Shonna's getting almost 30 MPG??? Holy crap!

At 3:34 PM, Anonymous Catherine said...

Time spent reconnecting with family and friends on the East Coast?


At 8:59 AM, Anonymous Cousin Barb said...

It's nice to see your accounting side there Ann! :) You can run, but you can't hide.


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